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thank you for visiting Naoko Yamafuji, CCP(Certified Clinical Psychologist)'s website.
I speak English and Japanese. I’ve trained CFT in the U.K., AEDP in the U.S., and SE in Japan in English.
I am a Japanese licensed psychotherapist and a certified CFT(Compassion Focused Therapy) therapist as well as a supervisor.

I also work at a Japanese psychiatry practice. I am happy assisting you to see a psychiatrist of your choice and accompany you to the clinic, guiding and interpreting for you throughout the medical services you require.


It must be incredibly difficult for you to find the right psychotherapist who can speak English and meet you in person in a calm environment.
You are not alone.
I am here for you, to assist you on your journey, returning to your authentic self, who laughs from the bottom of their heart, who feels safe and secure, who feels at home, and who finds where they want to go next.
I prioritize a warm and safe relationship between therapist and client.
Our therapy sessions are held in the cozy space right in the middle of a vineyard. It’s peaceful, serene, private, and welcoming.
I’d like you to feel at home as if you are talking to your best friend at their home.
Let’s go on a playful adventure, full of wonder, pleasure, and fun, where you encounter your strengths that have not yet been fully explored.
I am honored to accompany you on the one and only journey to your true self.
Naoko Yamafuji, M.A., CCP

Areas of specialization

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Complex Traumas
  • Interpersonal difficulties
  • Life transitions
  • Stress management
  • International relationships/couples therapy
  • Family issues
    • Stress/Burnout/Self-Criticism
    • for Healthcare or business professionals
    • Low Self-Esteem

I'm happy to provide in-person services as well as online services

Therapy Fees

  per 45 minute per 70 minute
personal counseling 15,000 yen 20,000 yen

*Please contact me to discuss fees if you have financial concerns.


Certified Clinical Psychotherapist
Naoko Yamafuji
Academic background/work history

20 years of full time experience as a clinical psychologist at psychiatry practices and schools, at least 20 cases a week on average,
Such as…
3.5 years experience at Kawada Clinic (psychiatry), psychotherapy for patients (depression, anxiety disorder, and so on), psychological assessment interviews,
8 years experience at schools (elementary schools/junior high schools/high schools), counseling for students, parents, consultation for teachers,
3 years experience at Yago Hosptial, psychotherapy for patients with schizophrenia, depression, and so on,
10 years experience at Shinseikai Toyama Hospital(psychiatry), psychotherapy for patients in teens with highly acute crisis,
6 years experience (and currently) at Takeuchi Sleep Mental Clinic, psychotherapy for patients (Depression, Anxiety Disorder, C-PTSD, ASD, ADHD and so on),
1 year experience (and currently) at Counseling Room Yamafuji, psychotherapy for clients and couples (trauma/complex trauma, family issues, relationship issues),

    Translated Books by Naoko Yamafuji
  • "Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program: A Guide for Professionals," by Chris Germer and Christine Neff,2019
  • "The Compassionate Mind Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Your Compassionate Self," by Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont, 2017.
  • "Taking Charge of Adult ADHD," by Russell A. Barkley and Christine M. Benton, 2010.
  • "Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation," by Daniel J. Siegel, 2009.

and so on.



10 Misago-dani, Fuchu-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama, Japan 9392638

(People from Kanazawa, Ishikawa, or other areas are also welcomed!)

Inside Yamafuji Vineyard Counseling Room YAMAFUJI

Counseling Room YAMAFUJI
Yamafuji Vineyard

10 Fuchumachi Misagodani,
Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken 939-2637

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